We are Alokik

Alokik Capital is a Non Banking Finance Company (‘NBFC’) incorporated in 2018 and having valid Certificate of Registration with Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’) vide registration no. B-10.00297 dated April 29, 2019 under current RBI classification as Non Banking Finance Company-Non Deposit Accepting. Our Registered Office is at F-104, Windsor Plaza, Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur-302001, Rajasthan, India.

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What do we do?


    “To be a universally respected financial services organization”
    Our company is single-minded in its determination to achieve excellence in all that we do. We are dedicated to achieving the highest standards in the areas of FINANCE.
    Service- We appreciate customers time & purpose for taking loan. We will reach out to him when he needs fund
  • Leadership- We will maintain an environment, which fosters credibility & encourages innovation. We believe that this will enable us to attract, retain & nurture the best talent & develop the business and thought leaders of tomorrow.
  • Innovation- We are flexible & will explore new methods to tailor made solutions for customers requirement
  • Trust- We will be transparent in all our dealings & value our commitments. We firmly believe that the difference between a good business and a great organization is the integrity of its people. We will conduct ourselves ethically and transparently in all our dealings, both internal & external.
  • Responsibility- we respect the fact that our investors have entrusted us with their capital, our partners with their faith, our customers with their confidence and our employees with their aspirations. We will measure our success by the success of our stakeholders and will work diligently to ensure that we fulfill our fiduciary responsibility.
  • Social- Upliftment-We will organize things for unorganized sector. We will aim to bring them to mainstream & help them to reach next level
  • Community- We believe that it is one’s responsibility to contribute to the society in which we operate. By investing in our community, we will not only improve our surroundings today, but also provide better opportunities for future generations
  • Mutual Respect- We will build an organization, which has a positive mindset. By conducting every interaction with respect and consideration, we will create a self-reinforcing culture of success. Our services

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